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32 steamy tortillas, with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash bites, cheese and a tangy salsa verde.     

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32 steamy tortillas, with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash bites, cheese and a tangy salsa verde. 



Where's the party at?

Create a food flurry at your next event with hot, hearty food that's made to order. We're serving up a novel twist on finger food with our collection of grazing platters, dessert kits and full monty stations. We know they look a bit fancy but damn they’re affordable, with big feeds for as little as $15 per belly.

Our Delivery Locations


  • Where are you based?

    We have our kitchen based in Grey Lynn on Richmond Road - This is however just a commercial kitchen with no retail. Pick up orders will get instructions on where to find us.

  • What are the delivery zones?

    Albany to Takanini - Westgate to Botany. We deliver to most of Auckland, to see the different zones then please check this link for the zone map.

    View delivey zones

  • How long do the meats stay hot for?

    We deliver direct which means the meats leave our kitchen piping hot and are heading directly to you. If you keep the lid shut then the meats will stay hot for 1hr, once opened we have found that they stay a good temp for at least 45min - 1hr. Please remember once the meats have cooled down they will need to be consumed or refrigerated within 3hrs.

  • We're going on a boat!

    Cater Stations are a boat crews best friend. We are happy to deliver to the dock, you can take the kit on board and open when ready. If you are going to be a few hours at sea before opening up - take the trays of meat and place them in an oven at a very low temp (90degs or so). If your boat is ovenless, we have found a chilli bin keeps the trays of meats hot.

  • How many people do your boxes feed?

    On each kit we have a suggested amount, the feedback we receive from our customers is that these are a good indication. But, it all depends on who’s eating and at what type of event, time of day, if there is any other food, etc. So please consider that too. We are more than happy to chat over numbers and quantities.

  • We have an event of over 100 can you feed us?


    Feel free to fill out this form and we can help create the menu


  • What if we have dietary requirements?

    The Cater Station works well when feeding a large group with different dietary requirements. On the menu page you will see which dietary fields the different meat options. There is a large range of gluten free meats, all meats are dairy free, our beef and lamb are Halal - If there are specific allergies best to make contact and we can advise independently. Our mission is to make catering as easy as possible and recognising the different eating habits of a large group is all part of it.

    GF tacos are always available.

  • Can I pay by invoice?

    No problems at all,

    At check out - just below where you are asked to enter your credit card details, there is an option for Internet banking (invoiced). Just select that option and we can have an invoice sent to you

  • How do the rewards work?

    Our rewards are there to say thanks to our customers. For every $100 spent you will be able to get $5 worth of Cater Coins.

    Just make sure that when you purchase you use the same email address. Once you are ready to redeem your points you will see a purple wallet icon at the bottom of the check out page. Just click that and follow the instructions.

  • Opening Hours

    We are open for deliveries and pick ups from

    Monday 8am - 6pm

    Tuesday 8am - 6pm

    Wednesday 8am - 6pm

    Thursday 8am - 7.30pm

    Friday 8am - 7.30pm

    Saturday 8am - 7.30pm

    Sunday CLOSED*